I’m not the biggest fan of Artificial intelligence. All the promises of computers and robots doing manual labor and allowing the rest of us to live our best lives in joy, indulging in our arts and passions. That doesn’t seem to be what is happening! Matrix, Terminator, I Robot, and so many other movies have taught us the possible dangers of AI. But then again, you get masterpieces like this song, and I’m fully prepared to welcome our robot overlords!

At first, when I heard this song, I thought, “Man, this guy has talent,” after realizing that AI was used, I thought, “Man, this bot’s got talent!” The creativity and know-how to get artificial intelligence to create something like this is pretty badass!


I first saw the video on the YouTube page, There I Ruined It, but has since disappeared. Luckily (at least in this case), nothing ever disappears from the internet. So enjoy this mash-up of one of the biggest rap songs of all time done by the king of rock n roll! Elvis Presley singing Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Baby Got Back!


I think the only thing that would have made this song better is if, in the beginning, we had a line that said something like, “Oh, My God, Priscilla, look at her butt!” But this this is a masterpiece, in my opinion. Check out the video below!

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