Everyone forgets something, sometimes! The key is, at least for me, is to set up road blocks to help me remember. Why do I call it a road block, well, it is something that will block me on my current path (road). Example, I used to always forget to take out the garbage can out to the curb on Tuesday mornings (garbage collection/pick-up day). What was my “road block”, I started parking the garbage can right by my car the night before. (Why didn’t I just take the can to the curb at night? Neighborhood dogs tend to knock it over, that was something I never forgot about).

It is the same with those Public Service Announcements telling you to put your purse or phone in the back seat… NEXT TO YOUR BABY, so you don’t forget your baby. Just tips and tricks to help you not forget certain things. I’m not sure how this type of road block would help with things like remembering birthdays, but it does help with day to day activities.

Back in the day, people would tie a string around their finger to help them remember. I always forgot to find string. I’m willing to bet it is these forgetful behaviors that helps the sticky note industry make bank!


So what are the top things that we forget? Well, Ranker.com has polled its readers and have created a list of The Things You Forget The Most!


20 Things People Forget The Most

Thanks to Ranker.com, we now know the top 20 things that people forget the most... that is if they remembered to tell us!

Check out the full list here. What do you forget the most? Do you have any “Road Blocks” or how do you remember? Tap the App and let us know!

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