I have always believed in Santa. Maybe not the old jolly fat man who performed B&E's one night a year around the world, but the myth and legend of Santa. As I've grown older and, I hope, wiser, I now look at Santa as the spirit of Christmas. That fits with me and keeps a smile on my face, even after the weird bit of audio that I discovered.

Well, first off, the title of this article says, "Santa Claus Backwards? Yakima Man Discovers Christmas Conspiracy". Truth be told, I'm that Yakima man, and I discovered this a few years ago.


How Did I Find This Christmas Conspiracy

Many years ago, I was at the radio station late one-night recording commercials for the holiday season. While recording and editing, I hit the wrong button and ended up reversing the commercial's audio. Most of the audio was unintelligible, understandably so. But two keywords stuck out to me and made my jaw drop. The words Santa Claus sounded like something else played backward. Check the video out blow.

After I heard the audio, I was crushed. I didn't know what to think anymore. When I discovered this, my ex and I were at a point where we discussed children and what we would teach them. Especially with it being the Christmas season, the topic of Santa came up. Was it indeed a commercialization of Christmas? Backmasking to "Sell Christmas," now, I know that what people hear is all up to interpretation, but when I hear that back, the words "sell Christmas" are very clear. What's in a name? Especially the name Santa Claus? I do take comfort in this fact; according to Wikipedia, Santa is a legendary character centered around the great Saint Nicholas and all the good he did. Knowing this helps me keep the Spirit of Christmas alive and well.


What Do You Think Of This Christmas Conspiracy?

Do you think "Big Gov" created Santa Claus to help make more money for stores? That they based it on the great Saint Nicholas in order to pair him with soda pop & candy? Or am I just hearing things? Tap the App and send us a message letting us know your thoughts.

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