I found an old video rental card and asked you guys for help to identify it. Well that opened the flood gates of video rental stores from years past. Stores like Crazy Mike’s Video, Blockbuster Video, and a place I worked for several years, Hollywood Video.
The list of businesses that have closed down in Yakima, seems like it can go on and on. With new businesses joining the list just this month. Encore Books announced that it will be closing its doors soon (UPDATE: ENCORE BOOKS announced New Owners), and Shari’s Restaurant has just closed its location in Union Gap. Let’s not forget about Sears this past December.

Some of the favorites that ring in my brain is The Country Store. It was a one stop shop for everything and anything. I remember the pet store inside and the ability to play “Chicken Bingo.” Border’s had such an amazing collection of books and movies, and Bed Bath & Beyond was the main place I was registered for my wedding. Montgomery Wards was a giant box store that pretty much what is now The Rainier Square shopping complex.

Toys R' Us Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection
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Toy and video game stores have come and gone in the valley. Software Etc. which eventually became GameStop. K.B. Toys was a great store inside the Yakima Mall. I in fact, loved it more than Toys “R” Us. Sadly, we no longer have either toy store. Thank goodness, toys are found in most stores, and when it comes to video games, we have the department stores as well as 1Up Games here in Yakima.

Alex Smith
Alex Smith

Luckily with music stores, we still have quite a few of those with Taylor Music, Bearded Monkey, Ted Browns Music and Guitar Center (among others). Memories of Talcott Music Store and Lee’s Music that were located along Yakima Avenue bring great tunes and melodies to mind.

Fair Ad for a music store. Late 70's early 80's.
Newspaper Ad - tsm/Timmy!

I could go into bars/clubs/restaurants, but that is a whole other article on its own. What businesses do you miss? Tap the app and let us know and we’ll make sure to include it in a follow-up article.

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