Halloween is four months away, but Jason Derulo just released an unseasonably spooky — and entrancing — music video. The visual for his second Everything Is 4 single takes place in a house of horrors where a former love is the bogeyman...uh, bogeywoman.

The clip opens with an establishing shot of a classic haunted mansion (bearing close resemblance to a totally normal mansion, overlaid with a filter and a foreboding moon overhead). A restrained Derulo is confined within, and we see intermittent shots of him burning photos of his ex-girlfriend. Careful, Jason, we're onto the theme of this video — you'll summon her! The room literally begins to spin as he sings, "I'm a little unsure how it got so complicated." Indeed.

The singer writhes, suspended on the wall, as his sexy ghost-ex strides toward him with her hair covering her face. It's an eerie fate, but that's what you get for dating the girl from The Ring.

Things only get creepier throughout the video, supported by some impressive CGI. Dressed in a plum-hued suit and matching hat, Jason also reminds us all that he's an incredible dancer with a slightly Thriller-esque routine backed by goth ballerinas.

The clip was directed by Syndrome, the art collective behind videos for Eminem's "Berzerk" and Imagine Dragon's "Radioactive." The unapologetically over-the-top concept pairs well with the song, which has a more melancholy feel than the buoyant "Want To Want Me."

You can watch the video above, and Everything Is 4 is available now.

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