Do you ever feel somewhat bored with your surroundings? Perhaps you're still searching for the home of your dreams. Well, if you don't mind a commute to a desert town a little south of here, and you've got an extra $49.5 Million laying around, I stumbled upon what could be the perfect home for you.

A beloved Coeur d'Alene, Idaho native and renowned newspaper publisher, urban planner, real estate, and land developer by the name of Duane Hagadone had this home built. Now, if you're familiar with the spectacular Coeur d'Alene Resort and Golf Course, you're already familiar with Mr. Hagadone who founded it. Hagadone, who passed away in April of this year at the age of 88, was, to say the least, a visionary. That fact is apparent when you look at this incredible home.

A $49.5 Million Mansion Features Chihuly Sculpture, Aquarium Tunnel, 21,000 Sq. Ft.

According to the listing by Bighorn Team-ball, Burns, Lennon, Printz with Bighorn Properties, Inc. on, this amazing Palm Desert, CA home was created by renowned architectural designer Guy Dreier. Jaw-dropping features include, but are not limited to:

  • pools of oscillating water
  • staggering mountain and valley views from every room
  • retractable walls of glass
  • a massive titanium-clad fireplace
  • the ceiling of undulating wood panels
  • a Dale Chihuly sculpture
  • an impressive aquarium tunnel
  • 2 tanks of exotic fish and a rare shark tank
  • four expansive bedroom suites
  • kitchen and lounge areas
  • 3 interlocking sculptural pools
  • infamous private office is perched high into the rock
  • your own private resort within BIGHORN Golf Club

The description from the listing only begins to describe this incredible mountain-desert oasis. The pictures help. Enjoy and share with fellow dreamers.

$49.5 Million Mansion is Breathtaking Inside and Out!

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