After being hospitalized last weekend over an alleged assault, TMZ released Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans' 911 call, proving that the incident was far from a bonfire party accident.

Evans broke her silence on the incident on Friday (Oct. 19), telling E! News that "it was a drunk and dramatic misunderstanding." But less than an hour afterwards, TMZ shared the emotional call, showing how scary the situation actually was. In the audio clip, Evans is sobbing unconsolably, saying "my husband, he assaulted me, he pinned me down on the ground." She said she heard her collarbone crack and could not move her arm.

She also noted her husband, David Eason, had been drinking, which led to him becoming violent towards her. She expressed her concern over having her four kids in the house, saying that she didn't know if Eason had weapons at home.

Around the end of the call, she's heard talking to someone, who she tells the 911 operator is her ex, who was there showing support. It's unclear which ex she's referring to in the call. Given how Evans later canceled the ambulance and was driven to the hospital, it's likely this ex was the one who took her.

Since the incident, the couple has been active on Instagram, sharing pictures and videos of them together. The most recent one is an Instagram video story of Eason and Evans holding hands with their daughter Ensley at a restaurant. "She loves holding mama and dada's hands. Sweet baby," said Eason in the video.

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