Money. It's kind of important to be able to buy food, pay bills, enjoy your air conditioning and while some of us aren't able to work currently. Those that are I wanted to make sure you knew what was available.

If you would like to add even more jobs to the list drop them below

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  1. The Dollar Tree is searching for a part-time sales floor associate currently. I just went to grab some paper towels and am always reminded how much cool stuff is in there for SO much cheaper than we pay in regular stores. Working there I would assume you get to see and maybe sometimes buy the coolest stuff first
  2. Brooksdale Senior Living "Are you outgoing and someone who loves interacting with people on a daily basis? Then Brookdales Receptionist's job is for you! Our Receptionists greet visitors, answer phones, and are the face and voice of our communities."
  3. The Yakima Post Office is searching for multiple positions to fill including; Remote Customer Service · Customer Experience QA · On Location Sales Clerk · Retail Sales Associate. The starting pay is $18.34 - $21.25/HR
  4. ASAP Metal Fabricators is searching for a motivated, mechanical-minded person who has good mathematics and mechanical skills
  5. Walmart needs a front-end associate/cashier
  6. Maybe the night shift is the right shift for you. Did you know the Safeway on East Mead is hiring for just that
  7. Costco is searching for any position and the pay isn't too shabby
  8. The individually owned Ace Hardware on Nob Hill is searching for part-time and full-time positions to fill
  9. Granite Construction is searching for a Quality Control Tech. This position is responsible for testing, sampling, and inspecting construction materials or elements in a laboratory or field setting to ensure compliance with the supplier and/or owner specifications. Level I technicians test, sample, or inspect one or more construction materials or elements. This position is in a field office location near the source of the material (aggregate/asphalt).
  10. Lowe's is looking for a full-time Cashier/Customer Service Desk Associate

Working hard for the money

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