Are you a lover of books or want to get someone into reading more? I will be honest it's a great way to improve your vocabulary, grammar as well as your spelling! :) *results may vary ;)

The Yakima Valley Libraries are inviting all book worms to join them for the Winter Reading Challenge! Which will wrap-up Sunday March 31st, 2018.

You can pick-up your Bingo card at one of their locations...there are quite a few! CLICK HERE

Or if you already have a card, and know what your number is you can download and print one from home! :) CLICK HERE You don't need to own the books and they actual encourage reading them on-line. One small mention below before you begin :)

Here is the fine print warning:

THE FINE PRINT: You are on your honor to read books before adding them to your Winter Reading Challenge bingo card. Cheating, skimming, or just reading reviews online will invoke bad winter karma which may include sniffles, lack of marshmallows in your hot chocolate, or losing your mittens.





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