What'll you have?
Burger Broiler is set to have their grand opening on Friday, April 28, 2017. I just had to see what menu options they were offering as I've heard good things about them. So you can prepare yourself, here's the menu!
4 and The Door
Thinking of Labor Day reminds me of the time I worked a four hour shift before deciding to quit.
No Tipping Needed
Ram Restaurant and Brewery is a popular restaurant in Seattle that ushers in hungry patrons of all ages. A recent note they had posted at one of their locations had people talking. They've decided to do away with tipping. Sounds great, but the flip side is they're automatically charging an extra 19%…
Ramen in Yakima
After years of lamenting about it, I'm happy to announce that Yakima finally has a restaurant that serves ramen. This isn't your '10 for a dollar' style ramen, either. This stuff is legit.
Propaganda for Popeye's
Recently, we (Baby Joel and Reesha in the Morning) did a survey asking which store should be brought to Yakima now that Victoria's Secret has been announced as the next one in the Valley Mall.
Along with suggestions for other businesses, the people of Yakima started making restaurant suggestions…

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