My brother-in-law lives on the west side so I tend to get out to Seattle two to three times per year. Not too long ago my nephew traveled up from California to visit, so I met him out there and of course he wanted to do the typical tourist stuff such as visit Pike Place Market.

Don't get me wrong, I love Pike Place Market, but like Disneyland, I wish I could go when the crowds are about a quarter of the normal size. Tough to do on the weekend. Not only do I dread finding parking, but because he works at Starbucks, we also had to get in that insane line. Once we were done with that we had some awesome food (one of the positives) and started wandering around and looking at the shops.

That's when I stumbled upon the book you see in the photo above, "The Ethical Slut." Not buried in the shelves of the store for me to find but right in the display window where any kid could see it. Genius.

East side 1, west side 0.

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