2 days, 3 hours and 50-something minutes until the BIG GAME.

Comedians Key & Peele are having an "alternative commentary" to the big game this Sunday, and they're doing it in character the entire time.

The men will be portraying silly sportscaster-wannabes named "Lee and Morris", and they have chosen to host a four hour live chat with people throughout Sunday's football game with the following copyright restrictions:

-Not allowed to mention the names of either football team

-Not allowed to mention the names of any football players in the game

-Not allowed to say the official name of the football game

But I want to know if they are allowed to talk about the Half Time Show and can they utter the name "Beyonce"??

You can join the fun online this Sunday (https://realtalk.squarespace.com) when "Lee and Morris" will "just be hanging out for four hours making things up".

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