Thousands of kids in the Yakima Valley are hoping for a bright and happy Christmas thanks to the U.S. Marines Toys for Tots program. Every year the Marines partner with the Yakima Salvation Army to collect the distribute the toys for kids up to 18-years-old. You are invited to Steve Hahn VW, KIA, Mercedes Benz at 1730 South 1st Street for his annual Toys for Tots event on Friday. If you can't make it you can donate online at

Townsquare Media / Jessi Shaffer
Townsquare Media / Jessi Shaffer

KIT will be at the dealership from 6 to 9 am but the event happens all day

KIT's Good Morning Yakima show will be live from 6:00 am to 9:00 am, Friday in the lobby of the dealership collecting toys and cash donations.
You can drop off toys and donations at the dealership. If you can't make it to the event just call 248-4700 and they'll come to you to pick up your toy or donation. Cash donations are welcome along with new unwrapped toys. The cash is used to purchase toys for older kids or help with any shortage that may happen.

Townsquare Media / Jessi Shaffer
Townsquare Media / Jessi Shaffer

If you can't make it look for a donation box in the community

You can also place a toy in a collection box. The Toys for Tots collection boxes are located throughout the community including at the KIT studio at 4010 Summitview.
You also have the option of dropping off a toy or cash at the Salvation Army office at 310 North 16th Avenue in Yakima.
If you do go shopping Toys for Tots officials say don't forget about older kids and teens who hope for gift cards, electronics or other gifts that fit that age bracket.
the toys will be distributed to families this month.

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