He is going by Isaac Atticus on youtube but you might know him as Isaac from Jayleigh Ann and the Lost Boys, a local up and coming group that's been gaining notoriety across Washington State and beyond for a few years, and then the pandemic hit.

Normally he is volunteering his time with local youth, teaching them chords on the guitar or popping up at local hot spots for a jam session. In between those gigs, he's been off at music camps creating and writing his own music as well.

Art Awareness Project

It's been a very fun experience watching him grow as an artist and I am always happy to lend an ear to his latest project so I was super pumped when Isaac reached out last week to have me take a listen to his latest solo project. A song called, "Know Ya" and I fell in love, so I thought it would be fun to share with you.

You can find him on Spotify, Amazon Music, and youtube :)

I'm not gonna lie, this kid oozes musical talent and has the kind of drive I only WISHED I would have had when I was younger. He and his younger brother pick-up musical instruments like it's their job and honestly, I could totally see that happening so any chance I get to showcase what he is up to and inspire others to let their talents flow, I will do so.

Do what makes you happy and skies the limit.

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