I told you the other night on the radio that Lady Gaga was invited to perform at the exclusive Inaugural Ball party for President Obama and all the staff in the White House, and to go to the party, all you had to do was pay $10 bucks!

Lady Gaga wowed the crowd wearing a huge white dress. MY TAKE: Sorry, the divine Miss Lady Gaga, but your dress was kinda fugly with a capital FUG. It looked like she had a bunch of white cotton balls glued to her shoulders and hips! Or a bunch of cream puffs. Ugh. (And yummy, if it was actual cream puffs!)

But the biggest surprise of the night at that party was that Tony Bennett showed up and sang right alongside Lady Gaga! Can you just imagine Tony Bennett singing Lady Gaga’s song “Poker Face” or “Telephone”? That would have been awesome to see: a 90 year old man singing sorry I can’t answer the phone right now, I’m partying with Beyonce at the club! Hilarious, I bet!