Things Lana Del Rey is not afraid of: dabbling in light choreography, casually leaping in between 45-foot tall letters — and sliding down the "D" (pause).

As promised with some social media teasers leading up to this Monday morning moment (May 22), the newly happiness-minded Born to Die beauty's "Lust For Life" Rich Lee-directed music video has arrived, complete with her frequent partner-in-crime and collaborator, The Weeknd.

Kicking off with what looks like a vintage TV performance with back-up dancers, the ever-enchanting Lana soon grows tiresome of all the strenuous arm-swaying and soft dipping in sync and decides to ditch the set and take off to the Hollywood sign, where she's been hiding this whole album era cooking up her latest studio album. Her BFF Abel is already up there waiting, of course, and together the two romantically gaze at each other and out at the city below.

But even that's not enough to hold Lana's interest for long: she soon fearlessly books it across each letter at full speed, stopping short for a moment of contemplation at the final "D" in Hollywood, before ultimately taking a slide down to a flowery dreamscape with her musical beau.

Be sure to watch those final few seconds of the globe fading away in the distance. Notice the shape the lights are making? Praise our Queen of Peace and Newfound Positivity.

Watch "Lust for Life" below.

Lana Del Rey Through the Years:

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