The last time I went to Disneyland was when I was about 8 years old in the 80s. Though I enjoyed Captain EO, Star Tours and other rides and events, I noticed, even then, I saw a lot of grown-ups enjoying themselves, too. I thought maybe they let their kids roam free while they do the boring grown-up stuff but they were in line for everything like anyone else. The older I get, now that I have my own kids, the more I'm thinking Disneyland is really for adults.

Within the past few years I've known no less than five couples who have traveled to Disneyland and, in a couple of cases, Disney World, by themselves. No children, just them. Two of those couples had kids but they're not bringing them. They're staying at home while the grown-ups go to Disneyland by themselves to enjoy themselves in a land of make-believe.

Though this may start out like a rant, I'm totally cool with this.

Grown-ups need a little make-believe in their life.

I have three children and they've expressed interest in going to Disneyland and I'd love to take them while they're still young enough to enjoy it at their age. Maybe the grown-ups are going to relive that magic of going there as a child. Kind of like a time warp. I can see that. And maybe if they don't go they won't feel that need to go. Especially when they're having to go and pay for it themselves.

Money is probably why it's for adults. If you go anywhere, you have to pay for yourself, your significant other and your kids. Not bringing kids means you're saving money and not hearing them complain about the long lines or anything like that. I can see it that way, too.

Again, not complaining, but the commercials always show kids having a great time. It's about time they gear the commercials towards adults just enjoy being there. There's nothing wrong with that.

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