It's time to call on team Yakima Valley. #maskson so we can slow down this mother trucking Covid-19 virus in our area.

I was a little claustrophobic the first few times I wore mine...and then I realized I better wash this reusable one or I am defeating the entire purpose. Ya, feel me?

We are protecting those around us by wearing one, so no reason not to care about our fellow humans, unless medically you aren't able too.

Our community is doing an amazing job of offering up options and free masks if you need them.

You can join Yakima Cares and a lot of other social media groups that are constantly sharing information or sweet deals on cute mask patterns. Who knew that would become a thing!

If you know of places giving out free masks or sweet deals drop them via our app and I will add them to the list

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Restaurant Week is getting an update below the Uhlman brothers break-down the info for #maskonfortakeout

We're focusing on keeping people safe while still supporting local restaurants.

Take a photo anywhere with your mask on. Make sure to tag the #YakimaValleyRestauntantWeek Facebook page and Instagram page. By doing that each week the team will be selecting two of the best masks (most creative, funny, and all of the above)that will win $100 gift card to the restaurants participating and also 10 additional people will be chosen to win $25 gift cards to a participating restaurant!

There are all kinds of masks


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