6ix9ine's attempt at clowning Lil Nas X may have backfired.

On Thursday (March 4), 6ix9ine commented on an Instagram blog post featuring a New York Post article headline about China reportedly making COVID-19 anal swabs mandatory for foreigners, taking the opportunity to take a homophobic swipe at Nas X in the process.

"Lil Nas X entered the chat," Tekashi posted in the Instagram comments along with a skull emoji.

The slight was not missed by the openly gay "Old Town Road" rapper, who responded on Instagram, taking his own jab at 6ix9ine. Nas X did so by sharing alleged DMs from Tekashi that Nas X apparently left on read. In one DM from last October, 6ix9ine allegedly wrote, "Yo" to Nas X. When that did not work, he allegedly tried again on Feb. 16. "Gonna be in your city soon what you doin lol," the screenshot reads.

Nas X captioned the post featuring the alleged 6ix9ine DMs with "This you??!"

6ix9ine comments on lil nas x on instagram
6ix9ine via Instagram

6ix9ine has responded to Lil Nas X's attempt to expose him, making an Instagram video that refutes the Southern artist's claims. "Before this shit even start, we gonna nip this in the [bud]," Tekashi starts. He then shows his Instagram account direct messages and tries to prove that he never had any interactions with Lil Nas X previously. So there's a possibility Tekashi got a dose of his own trolling medicine.

After dropping his new single, "ZaZa," last month, 6ix9ine has made the news for the wrong reasons. He is being sued by a dancer who claims he hit her in the head with a champagne bottle at a Florida club. He is also facing a lawsuit from former security guards for failing to pay for services rendered.

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