The party is underway in Moxee. The Moxee Hop Festival 2022 kicked off on Thursday and continues through Saturday. The festival is the culmination of a lot of work by the City of Moxee, East Valley Community Enhancement Association and numerous volunteers and sponsors.

Music in the park Friday and all day Saturday plus fireworks

If you've never been to the festival it's held at Moxee City Park on Rivard & Highway 24 in Moxee. The festival continues Friday starting at 4:00 pm with music from Chase Craig Band at 5:00 pm and music continuing throughout the evening. You can enjoy a fireworks show at dusk on Friday night.

The fun continues on Saturday with a pancake breakfast to kick off the day

The Moxee Hop Festival opens Saturday at 7:00 am with a Pancake Breakfast in the Park Fundraiser, 5k Fun Run & Walk and the popular Moxee Hop Festival Parade that starts at 10:00 am in downtown Moxee. The festival is for the entire family with lots of food and craft vendors, lots of kids games, bingo,  face painting, a Saturday morning Volleyball Tournament, Heather Sliger Memorial BBQ Cook Off event on Saturday, Cornhole Tournament inside the beer garden Saturday at Noon and lots of live music throughout both days.

How about some swimming for the kids?

Free swimming is offered at Moxee City Pool both Friday and Saturday.
For more information about the Moxee Hop Festival

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