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Machine Gun Kelly Unveils New Vampire Bite Tattoo

Machine Gun Kelly got some new ink during quarantine. The rapper got a bloody vampire bite (not bullet holes, as previously reported) tattooed on his neck. See below:

The Best Dance Songs for Your Zoom Parties

If you've got the aux at your next socially distanced party, we’ve got you covered with the best songs Americans have voted on! The best feel-good hits include "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," "Hey Ya!," "Get Lucky" and "Stayin’ Alive," to name a few. Add these to your playlists now! (via Good News Network)

Are Tristan and Khloe Back Together?

The infamous on-again, off-again couple is apparently back together! Khloe and Tristan have allegedly been together since June. Sources claim Khloe is happiest when Tristan is around, so we wish them the best of luck if the rumors are true. (via Cosmopolitan

Instagram’s Newest Update Is a TikTok Rip-Off

With the threat of TikTok shutting down, it's no surprise social media outlets are trying to seize the opportunity to appeal to TikTok users. Case in point: Instagram just announced Reels, where people can make 15-second videos with audio, effects and other tools. (via Capital FM)

$19K Down the Washing Machine Drain

Talk about throwing money down the drain, literally: A person’s fear of germs caused them to put $19,000 in the washing machine in an attempt to wash the coronavirus off the cash. Sadly, the only thing destroyed in the process was the money. Yikes. (via NY Post)

DoorDash Driver Breaks Down, Eats Fries After She Can't Find Delivery Location

One DoorDasher has a full-on breakdown after not being able to find her customer's delivery location in an apartment complex. Watch her dramatic ordeal, below:

Celebrities Before their Tattoos

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