Madonna‘s MDNA tour had a bit of a scare today (July 3), when one of the trucks in its convoy flipped over on a Swedish highway.

Thankfully, Madge was not hurt during the incident, but it is not clear whether or not she was part of the fleet of trucks or traveling separately from the pack. Something tells us that the latter is likely the case, since Madonna is at the level where she can come and go independently of her production rigs.

A truck carrying sound equipment turned over on its side while en route to the city of Gothenburg, where Madge is scheduled to perform on Wednesday (July 4). It has not been determined what caused the truck to overturn.

WENN reports that one person sustained injuries as a result of the accident and that traffic became a nightmare as a result, since the overturned vehicle then blocked other lanes of cars from moving.

It is also unclear if the equipment in the truck sustained damage rendering it unusable and possibly affecting the status of tomorrow night’s show.

The MDNA world tour remains on the tip of tongues due to the stage antics, with Madge flashing flesh and taking pot shots at Lady Gaga. This truck incident certainly keeps people chattering for other reasons.

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