A DJ in Orlando, Fla., already has his tent set up and is camping out in front of a Best Buy -- he can't wait to get in and buy a new TV at that exclusive Black Friday deal. The only problem is he started camping there 33 days early.

But it's for a good cause.

In the world of radio, we call this a publicity stunt. As it turns out, Kevin Sutton is camped out to help raise awareness about the 13,000 homeless children in central Florida. He is not buying any food and water for himself. He's relying on donations for all his sustenance.

He's also accepting donations to for a local food pantry.

This isn't the first year he has done this. He did it for just over two weeks last year. If he completes this year's 33-day campout for Black Friday, he'll beat out the previous record for Black Friday campers -- a couple of women in California last 22 days recently.

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