A suspect is under arrest this morning after an early morning take-down at Ranch and Home in Kennewick.

According to reports from the Kennewick Police Department, a man with a knife caused Ranch and Home not to open this morning at its usual time.

Police were called to the store at about 8 AM on Wednesday, May 26th.

Apparently, a man with a large knife was outside the business causing a problem, and police were called in.

KPD along with the Benton County Sheriff's Department responded with several K-9 units to de-escalate the situation.

The suspect has several outstanding warrants and after a short stand down, the man was taken into custody after several flash-bangs went off.

Police took the man into custody and the man will likely be charged with disorderly conduct.

You can read more details about the situation and check out the live video here.

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