Michaels Arts and Crafts is such a great store in Yakima. I find myself going there about once a month or so and they always have exactly what I need. You can imagine my shock when I heard that my credit and debit card into may have been hacked by a recent security breach.

Not just Michaels but another store, Aaron Brothers, was also breached with around 400,000 cards attacked.

The security breach includes your information including card numbers and expiration dates, along with what you bought. There hasn't been any proof that your name, address or even PIN was attacked.

There was a massive pre-Christmas breach at Target. The people at Michaels have known something for the past few months but are just now telling us about this.

CEO of Michaels said that the customers are always the first priority and he's truly sorry for any inconvenience.

The breach happened between last May through to the end of January. It was caused by a malware that collects that information.

To make up for it, they're offering free identity protection, credit monitoring and fraud assistance services to it's customers for the next 12 months.

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