Miley Cyrus reached 13 million Twitter followers and as promised, she revealed her new album title when she hit that social media milestone. And the title is…'Bangerz.'

Yep, 'Bangerz.' With a "z."

As in club bangers? Gangbangers? Bangin' out? It could be anything, but It's certainly got a bit of a ratchet title and screams, "I'm shedding that Disney image more and more each and every day."

We want to know if PopCrushers and Smilers like that title. Tell us in the comments below if you wanna be 'Bangerz.'

Also, it appears that the track title features Britney Spears. Listen to a snippet here:

Cyrus also got another tattoo. We don't know what it is, but she retweeted a photo that celeb tattoo artist Kat Von D posted as she was preparing to do a piece. It made us think that the tattoo she was about to etch was for Cyrus.

Miss Miley has collected pieces from Kat Von D before -- like this elbow inking -- so we're thinking we're about to see a new Miley tattoo in our future.

Below is Miley's album title tweet.

And here's an inkblot from Kat Von D. Tools of the trade... Or a Rorschach test.

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