Mom is getting ready to retire and I am so excited for her. She's great about going on vacations, traveling, relaxing and has never once mentioned a desire to permanently mark her body with ink until recently.

We met up for lunch and she said, "Sarah, I have something to tell you." I had NO idea what type of bomb she was about to drop. Then she said, "I've decided I'd like to get a tattoo!"

I was like, "what?" Relieved for one but also surprised because this desire has never been spoken out loud to me!

Gotta love a good surprise and that is why this week Mom is my Women Crush Wednesday! 

Back while I was still in high school I decided I was going to get my tongue pierced. I had a friend suggest, taking donations and all of it was quickly raised so out of respect I wanted to fill the parental units in, that this was really happening. They were SO against it. Mom even suggested a cute little rose tattoo instead. That is literally the ONLY memory of my Mom talking about tattoos that I have.

Fast forward to the present, I no longer have a tongue piercing and have one tattoo. Dad has a tattoo and Mom just got her very first tattoo last night!

It was such a fun experience to get to be by her side while she did something completely for herself. I asked where this all came from and she said a recent vacation with family had their discussion landing on everyone's tattoos and why they chose them. Afterward, she found herself seeing a sunflower and ladybug on her arm. After a while she realized this was what she really wanted, they both make her so happy so we booked her an appointment!

Leading up to last night she confided she'd been having nightmares of giant ladybugs with scary eyes and tentacles, she was worried the ladybug would turn out terrifying but thankfully after everything was said and done, she noted that she kept catching glimpses of the tattoo out of the corner of her eye and she was SO happy. Woke up this morning and STILL so happy and that makes ME so happy!

Keep it here for your chance to win a tattoo from talented local artist Chevy Cortez. DO you currently have a tattoo you're super proud of? Show me and I'll add it to the gallery!

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Mom's First Tattoo

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