Back in the day, I was way more into piercings -- like to the point that in high school I had raised money to get my tongue pierced and my parents tried to reason with me with this line: "Wouldn't you rather get a tiny rose tattoo instead?" Um, something permanent instead? No, thank you :)

Flash forward years and years and I found an incredible tattoo on Instagram that I LOVED! I marinated on it for months, picturing the tattoo on my forearm until I finally felt 100 percent that this was not only the right tattoo for me, but also the right spot for it.

Townsquare Media/Sarah J
Townsquare Media/Sarah J

Moving forward, I am now contemplating a sunflower/tropical/wisteria garden on my shoulder, but I'm still in the planning stages. Anyone know of an awesome artist who specializes in sleeves? :)

Meantime, I asked my friends to show off their art to celebrate the day. So below is a fantastic gallery. Care to add yours? Drop it below or send it via the "submit photo/video" button on our app :)

Happy National Tattoo Day



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