The COVID-19 pandemic kept officials at the Yakima Health District busy trying to vaccinate Yakima residents. The district created mobile vaccine clinics to help get the vaccine to more people but they end on March 31. The mobile vaccine clinics were held in various locations, such as workplaces, grocery stores and schools.

The mobile vaccine sites will close at the end of the month

Health district officials say the COVID-19 vaccine clinics started when the FEMA Community Vaccination Center began almost a year ago and they say it set the precedence for mobile vaccine clinics across the state and country. Since the opening of the center the Yakima Health District, has administered almost 65,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine "through both the fixed CVC site and mobile teams." Officials decided to close the mobile vaccine sites because the vaccine is now available throughout the community. They say if you need to get a COVID-19 vaccine some mobile vaccine clinics are being held until the end of the week.

After March 31 check the vaccine website for locations to get the shot

After March 31 anyone can go to a variety of locations in the community for a vaccine. For an updated list of locations, check the website
As of March 21, 70.3% of those 5-years-old and older have started the vaccination and 62.7% have been fully vaccinated. A news release from the health district says "staying up to date on COVID-19 vaccinations, which includes receiving a booster dose if eligible, will remain crucial in the future to provide the highest level of protection against COVID-19 and its variants."

The director of the health district says stay up to date with your vaccine

“We would like to thank our staff and partners who made the COVID-19 vaccine available and readily accessible to many of our community members. We remain committed to continuing to offer community-based opportunities to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine to ensure that all our community members can access the vaccine. We encourage community members to stay up to date on their COVID-19 vaccinations, as it will protect us from COVID-19 and its variants.” -Andre Fresco, Executive Director, Yakima Health District.

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