Is there anything more cringeworthy (and funny) than a runway model taking a spill? All of the models in this supercut do their best to maintain poise, but each of them takes a fall, sometimes with painful-looking results. Go ahead and laugh. It’s only natural.

In one mishap after another, women fall off the stage, crash through set pieces and succumb to ankle-breaking high heel mishaps. Ouch! And in a supremely ironic touch, all of their pratfalls are fittingly set to Joe Cocker’s ‘You Are So Beautiful.’

In a few cases, it looks like the models are being set up to fail. One model falls off the runway into a pool beneath and another gets soundly whacked by a giant pendulum in a move that would make Edgar Allan Poe proud. (Beats us what these hazards are doing here in the first place.)

Who knew modeling could be so dangerous? Let’s hope all of these unfortunate ladies at least got workers’ comp. (Or a sandwich.)

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