First we had the One Direction mom who covered herself in 1D logos and images. Now comes 52-year-old Cathy Ward of Reading, England, who boasts almost $14,000 worth of Robert Pattinson ink ... and plans to get even more!

The Daily Mail reports that Ward has a 'New Moon' poster on her back, portraits of Pattinson as Edward Cullen dispersed throughout her body, the Cullen family crest on her chest and more.

"We've got the book covers, we've got the ribbon, we've got the family crest, we've got the hairpiece, we've got the chessboard from 'Breaking Dawn,' we've got the wolf tribal symbol," Ward revealed. "I've had five wolves done and one of the last things Jacob says to [Bella] when he realizes he's lost her. He said, 'It would be as easy as breathing with me.'"

Ward is aware that she's got an expensive habit, admitting, "I've forked out just under £8,500 and by the time I'm finished, when [my] body's completely covered, we're looking at between £17,000 and £25,000." (That amounts to $13,787.85 already and a total of between $27,575.70 to $40,552.50.)

Ward says that she's met some of the minor players from the series, but not her dream man, Pattinson, or the main characters. She also says that her obsession, which initially stemmed from being a reward for a major weight loss, has alienated some of her family and friends.

"My father, at first he was very resistant," Ward confessed. 'He wouldn't be seen out with me. My brother, I haven't spoken to in five years. He's quite embarrassed by me. My sisters ... they're just quite glad to see me come out of my shell and be who I should be," she said. "I used to be very quiet, sort of hide in the background, be a bit of a wallflower."

Definitely not anymore!

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