This weekend I truly went out of my comfort zone, more than once.

I love cooking classes and hope to attend a few this year with the hubs but our work schedules are crazy different and we never really know if we will have an evening together, unplanned and in advance so when I got the chance to sign-up for a Thai cooking class, I jumped at it because they always sell-out. Even though I knew I would probably be attending alone.

Last time I did this I ended up knowing a few people. I mean I know the instructor and one of the volunteers but they are busy doing their job and everyone else normally has somebody with them so I was super thankful to not feel too alone.

This time, walking in I kind of knew one person who also went alone but the rest were with groups of friends and family. Deep breath, you're in it now :)

I was a tad nervous but barreled through the unknown, grabbed myself an apron and chose a seat next to a few ladies who were kind of enough to smile and include me in the conversation.

Scrolling through social media the picture of garlic noodles was the one that had pulled me in to taking the class and so I was very pumped to end up helping make that portion of the meal with a few other people.

We laughed and my nerves dissipated as we all tried to make sure we were doing it right.

I left the class not with new friends but with a bit of confidence that I didn't have when I went in. I can do fun things by myself and that is good sometimes to do. Wanna see what we made?

Thai Cooking Class

Fun fact. This happened on Friday night. By Sunday I again had free alone time and chose to take myself to a vision board party being held locally. I knew no one and even arrived late but was greeted with open arms. It was awesome meeting new people and getting to create something with like-minded individuals.

Two times this weekend I went out of the way to do something fun and had a blast. Can you think of ANYTHING you've been wanting to try and haven't yet? Why is that? This week, pick one and no matter what the excuse, make it happen. You won't regret it.

If it turns out awesome, which it will, let me know. If it doesn't, well I want to know why as well. You got this :)

Side note, a friend reached out and wants to go to a cooking class with me coming up so see how that works? I pushed through the nerves, did something I really wanted to do and now I get to do it again with a friend. Boom! :)

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