Real talk?

The holidays are wonderful and they are also stressful.

And it's about to go down :)

So instead of gearing up for war, I thought maybe we should mentally pre-prepare ourselves for all of it.

This mental health Monday is brought to you by @sarahjthedj because sharing is caring.

If you are single, just know, being married doesn't mean the built-in-partner will or wants to celebrate the holidays in the same way you would. Negotiating and communication are majorly important to navigate the holidays and practice really does help so don't be afraid to go for it. This will be our ninth Thanksgiving as a couple so I was SUPER excited to lock down this year's events early, and with minimal tears.

This time of year can get crazy, financially things could be tight so please keep in mind. It's not about having a giant spread. It's about getting together or removing yourselves from the normal stress fil maybe it's a microwavable meal for the two of you while you watch movies in your pajamas this year. That's ok.

If you've noticed you aren't feeling so mentally strong right now take a listen below because it's never a bad idea to get a reminder of where you are on the spectrum of, normal freak out to possibly time to reach out to someone who cares and is not connected to whatever the issue

Also, if you know you overreacted last year, you could always apologize and try and move forward. Either way, you got this and I hope you have a very happy holiday

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