I hope all the moms in the valley had a very happy Mother's Day!

What did you do, Mamas?

Reesha and Willow
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Since I am a single mom, there was no suitor to spoil me with fabulous and expensive presents for Mother's Day, like my friend C., who posted a lovely pic of all of her gifts (which included a new pair of Christian Louboutins, an Alice+Olivia handbag, some fancy perfume and something gorgeous from Kate Spade). It was very hard for me not to feel a surge of envy that she got what looks to have been a shopping spree at Neiman Marcus, in fact, just thinking about it right now re-activated my inner "Green-Eyed Monster! But I digress.

That's not to say that I did not receive any fabulous gifts for Mother's Day! I most certainly did! The best part about Mother's Day is that you don't need any fabulous and expensive presents to make it a great day. It's about being surrounded by the little people you love, i.e. your children. Even if all you got for Mother's Day was a hug or a phone call, the purpose of the holiday is to celebrate the family that you are blessed (in most cases) to have.

I gave myself the gift of a clean kitchen! That was worth its weight in gold. I washed all the dishes and cleaned off the counter tops. Bliss!

My kiddo, Willow, finally let me unwrap the "hand print" poster she had made for me in her kindergarten class. (Her teacher had put some beautiful green and white wrapping paper on it.)

Next, I informed my daughter that "Mommy wants at least 15 minutes to myself to read a book." Willow obliged by moving to the other side of the room and enjoyed watching some kid videos on YouTube. After about five minutes, she crept up back next to where I was sitting and started chattering away at me in my ear and started asking me a bunch of questions. I tuned her out for the most part so that I could finish reading, but just when I was getting to the good parts of the chapter in my book from Inklings Bookshop, I would hear a loud voice going "Mom! Mom! You didn't answer my question!" At least I got to read five chapters of "The Black Witch." I also noted the fact that someday my daughter will be grown up and will hopefully have her own family, and then they can start yelling questions in her ears. Karma's gonna get ya! ;-)

I treated Willow and myself to some homestyle cooking in Union Gap from Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que. I ordered the Georgia Pork sandwich, a side of Dave's Macaroni & Cheese and a loaded baked potato, and she had chicken tenders, baked beans and Oreo cookies! Our dinner was deeeeee-lish!

I also took Willow to the toy store and she bought herself some Play Doh with the money she got from The Tooth Fairy. I ended up buying her an Easy Bake oven and now she is over the moon with happiness. We went home and I helped her bake brownies with her new oven. She said the sweetest thing to me as we were cooking: "Mom, I am so happy that you are teaching me cooking!"

My daughter's words and happiness was my most favorite Mother's Day gift of all! The best Mother's Day gifts are not the things you can buy with money!

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