Monsanto has increased its Syngenta takeover offer. After the initial deal was rejected earlier this year, Monsanto has changed the proposal to contain a higher proportion of cash than the prior bid, which envisioned a split of 45 percent cash to 55 percent Monsanto shares. Raising the bid goes against Monsanto’s pledge not to do so unless warranted by a review of Syngenta’s books. Syngenta’s board was scheduled to meet this week to decide on how to respond to the increased offer.

African swine fever has been found in several regions of the Ukraine, according to a report by the National Hog Farmer magazine. While the infections have been largely limited to wild boars and backyard settings, a farm in the area has reported an outbreak. However, speculation of how the farm became infected center on three theories: neglect of biosecurity, transfer through feed or wild boars. The Baltic States and Poland are also seeking financial support in their battle against the African swine fever. A Russian veterinary watchdog has criticized measures taken by the Baltic States to counter African swine fever, pointing towards an increase in infections.

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