National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson has thanked the growing number of women in agriculture – now roughly 1 million strong and responsible for a $12.9 billion dollar economic impact – for their invaluable contributions to family farming and ranching and noted that their growing presence in farming is vital to the nation’s food security.  Johnson noted that women have played key roles in the Farmers Union since its founding at the turn of the century, having been elected to key leadership roles in the organization’s early years while also representing a significant portion of the 200,000 members nationwide.

The merger between Dow and DuPont means job losses in Delaware for DuPont. The company plans to reduce its workforce by 10 percent through the merger, and will cut about 1,700 jobs early this year as it proceeds with a merger with Dow Chemical. DuPont Chief Executive Officer Ed Breen said in a letter to employees “The effect in Delaware will be significant, reflecting the urgent need to restructure our cost base and, as part of that effort, reduce our corporate overhead costs so that we can remain competitive.”

That’s today’s Agribusiness Update from the Ag Information Network of the West.

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