Monsanto announced Wednesday that they are no longer pursuing the current proposal for Syngenta. In a news release, Monsanto announced Syngenta said Monsanto’s enhanced proposal did not meet financial expectations. Monsanto will continue its focus on opportunities within its existing core business and resume the implementation of its approved share repurchase program as soon as practical, according to the company. A number of farm groups applauded the action saying it was not in the best interest of the farmer.

USDA has lifted a ban on Canadian Poultry products this week. The ban stemmed from the highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreak earlier this year. The April 2015 ban covered live poultry, hatching eggs and even research birds in Canada. HPAI killed more than 48 million chickens and turkeys at U.S. facilities alone this year. Although, there is fear that HPAI could return this fall. USDA has not yet approved a vaccine, but had recently sought companies to stockpile a potential vaccine, if needed.

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