More public art is headed for downtown Yakima, we want your opinion.


The Yakima Arts Giving Circle  announced  the selection of a new sculpture to be located on the corner of Yakima Avenue and Second Street near the historic Larson Building. The Yakima Arts Commission has approved the location and is recommending to the Yakima City Council that the City accept the sculpture. The new piece  (similar to the one pictured) will be dedicated to Representative Mary Skinner and Dr. Harlow Skinner in honor of their dedication to our community. The Arts Giving Circle has selected Bernard Hosey, an internationally-known artist from Twisp Washington, to produce the sculpture “Transcendence,” a sphere approximately 9 feet in diameter to be constructed of high-grade, painted steel and sealed with a clear epoxy to ensure a long-lasting finish.

The last time the Arts Giving Circle donated a sculpture to the city, controversy erupted over the cost of installation, the location where it was to be placed, whether it fit the location it was to be placed, and whether it’s placement would hinder adjacent businesses. That sculpture was eventually  placed at that location, where it is on display today.

One of the things that came out of that situation was the creation of a city arts commission, which advises the city council on public arts projects.

Some on line bloggers are already skewering the new project, saying it doesn’t fit the neighborhood, will be a distraction to passing motorists, and  become a magnet for grafitti.

Take our survey and let us know what you think.