Calling all ... well, everyone! Local recording label Panoramic Dreams LLC is looking for you, and they want to help high school students learn how to produce videos at the same time! They're filming a music video in the Heritage University parking lot! The video is in need of extras, which sounds like an awesome local time.

Here's how a news release from Heritage explains it:

Heritage University will be the backdrop for a music video which will be shot on Saturday, June 6, and producers are looking for aspiring models, extras and classic cars for the video shoot. Local recording label Panoramic Dreams LLC is partnering with Junior Achievement of Washington (JA World), clothing company Respect My Region and Heritage University to produce the video.

The video will be shot in the main parking lot of Heritage University from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. JA World is also using the event as a way to introduce high school students to video production, and is looking for students who are interested in job-shadowing the production team. Organizers are also hosting a “carne cook-out” which will take place during the entire video shoot. Cash donations will be accepted, and proceeds will go to JA World.

This sounds like so much fun. If you are interested in being part of this local music video or working on video production and being part of the team contact Mitch Pfeifer of Panoramic Dreams at (509) 899-4819 or

This sounds like so much fun!