Time flies when you're having fun, especially when it comes to spending time with nieces and nephews. I feel incredibly blessed. While waiting to create my own little family I'm so happy to hang out with them and of course, there's always the request to spend alone time together.

My 6-year-old niece Charli has been begging to bake something at my house and also watch the film, "Men in Black." Not sure where the movie request came from, but can't deny it's a classic and every time she asks it's the same movie so it's a real thing. This weekend worked perfectly so it was go time!

Last time we baked was during Christmas (I know, too much time in between sessions). We made sugar cookies, so at first, that was what her heart was set on. I learned a few lessons from the last experience:

  1. Purchase the bag of cookie mix so we just have to add a few ingredients
  2. Come prepared with frosting
  3. Remember we are having fun so if the cut-out rips or gets smashed it doesn't matter
  4. It will get messy

I was out of eggs, so a run to the store was in order and I already knew it could get interesting. Charli chose a chocolate frosting and thankfully decided against cookies and now wanted to make cupcakes. Praise the Lord, not as many moving parts, so less mess right? (Why do I even care about the mess? I'm messy!)

She loves me for many reasons, but I am sure one is because I am still a pushover. You want to buy an American flag for your baby nephew, OK! :) Rainbow colored cupcake holders, of course. You need pink sprinkles, yep! I have to work on learning to say no! HAHA!

She requested music once we got home and I was super excited to share Lizzo with her

while she requested ... "Bad Guy." Wow!

Enjoy a gallery of our adventures!

Baking with Charli Mae and Sarah J

Totally delicious cupcakes that we got to share with everyone! :)

There were two moments that threw me a bit.

  1. I completely forgot to spread the knowledge on sprinkling so it doesn't go everywhere. I almost freaked out as half the bottle went flying around the kitchen. But I didn't show it. :)
  2. She really wanted to light the candles, so we used a kabob stick. She held it while I lit it, but she's just like her aunt and was so consumed by the fire that she kept moving at a snail's pace when transferring the flame. So it kept going out. I finally told her to move it or lose it, sister! I worried I might have been too sharp with my tone.

Hopefully, we are just creating memories and I am not scarring her for life with my lack of patience when it comes to kids. I like to pump them full of sugar and then drop them back off with their folks so I can relax within the sounds of silence. :) I know these moments are precious, so am thankful my siblings have decided to create mini-me's because I just love them to death!

What's the last thing you did with your kids, nieces, nephews, grandbabies? I wanna know! :)

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