Here's some help for those of us who have a few too many alcoholic drinks over the holidays -- or in some situations, just being a Wednesday. Most of the time, having a few drinks can make a party a whole lot of fun. Then there are those times you thought you could handle your alcohol, but next thing you know, you wake up next to the porcelain throne or in the drunk tank.

From that nauseating feeling to the pounding headache, there are many cures for the hangover. Here are few of my tips -- from preventing hangovers to dealing with them if you've failed to avoid them:

Preventing the Hangover

  •  Eat a meal before you start partying. Preferably something that will absorb the alcohol. Like a burger or pizza.
  • Have some type of sport drink or water available. Remember alcohol dehydrates the body. Especially if you go out to the club or bar and dance all night as if you're auditioning for a hip-hop video or trying to line dance in a straight line.

Dealing With the Hangover

  • Have some of the pink stuff: With some of my own studies, I have found that Pepto Bismol calms the stomach down. Especially if a recent meal tries to come back up..
  • Drink some Sprite or 7-Up: I came to the conclusion that having some carbonated water helps with digestion. The lemon-flavored freshness is a bonus.
  • Something to ease the headache: It is recommended that you don't take any acetaminophen, better known as Tylenol. Mainly because alcohol does damage to your liver and kidneys, and Tylenol causes even more liver damage. So take some other pain reliever.
  • Sleep it off: After a night of partying too hard, I've heard this numerous times. Sometimes just sleeping helps a lot. Unless you got to work the next day.



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