Today (Monday, Aug. 26) is National Dog Day! How do you celebrate? Well just do what you do every day -- share your love of our furry friends! Whether your a "fur parent" or just someone who has man's best friend, remember to give an extra pet today!

NDD was founded in 2004 by Animal Advocate and Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, Colleen Paige. She also founded National Puppy Day (3/23), National Mutt Day (7/31), and National Cat Day(12/21) among many others helping bring awareness of the needs of animals and to help get people out there and adopt a new family member.

Dogs really are the best when you think about it. One that is loved, and treated well, will always be by your side and be happy to see you. Dogs help save lives and bring comfort. They keep us safe, act as service dogs, help out help law enforcement, soldiers and rescue teams by detecting bombs, drugs and missing or trapped people. Heck they're even starting to use K9s to detect cancer and seizures -- things that humans can't do.

Above & below is Rusty, Timmy's lil' buddy! Let's see yours!



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