Sure, we don't have even a single stop light in the little town of Moxee in the east part of the Yakima Valley but we are progressing!

When my family and I moved to Moxee City back in October of 2004, the town was officially listed as having roughly just 800 citizens. Thanks, in large part, to a seemingly never-ending housing development(s) by AHO Construction, my little hamlet that I call home nearly quadrupled in size in a decade and a half! Because of that -- here comes the economics 101 lesson -- more services are starting to set up shop.

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Recently, I noticed a construction project going on at the corner of Highway 24 and Moxee Ave. It appears to be a new mini mart and gas station. As I was scouting out the premises I also notice a new Thai food restaurant that I didn't even know existed. It's called "Tikky's Curry Corner". Personally, I'm not big on Thai food but I do know that the people that like it, REALLY like it!

In just the last few years the town has seen business growth in the form of... Bale Breaker Brewing, Moxee Pizza, Slow Burn, CALCOE Credit Union among others.

While I still do prefer living in a small town, I must admit it is nice having some of these resources a little closer to home.

Moxee is only about an eight minute drive from downtown Yakima so why not come visit the hop capital of the world sometime? We're friendly and, hey... we have stuff! :)

Rock on!
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Todd E. Lyons, Esquire

New businesses in Moxee


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