A few months ago Hostess products hit the store shelves with Twinkies, Cup Cakes, Ho Hos, Fruit Pies and many other of their classic favorite snack cakes. One that was missing is my favorite, the Ding Dong. The chocolate coated devil's food cake with cream on the inside. You can imaging my excitement when I saw them back on the shelf the other day.

Unfortunately, these weren't the Ding Dongs I was looking for as they seemed to have almost completely changed.

First of all, they come individually wrapped in a plastic wrapper, not aluminum foil. No big deal, really. They were also noticeably smaller than before. Before Hostess went bankrupt the box weighed 17oz. The 'sweetest comeback' box of Ding Dongs is only just over 15oz and it shows. I took a bite as you can see in the picture. Not as much cream filling and it doesn't seem like the same cream. Not that the 'cream' was truly a cream to begin with. More of a combination of whipped oils and preservatives that probably more closely is compared to margarine (yuk!) but there was a noticeable difference in flavor.

To top it all off, they don't have the chocolate outside layer down, either. It was a waxy coating much like what they use for their chocolate covered mini-donuts. In fact, I'd bet it is exactly the same, which isn't the same as the original.

All in all, they're not bad, but totally not the same. What they look and taste like, to me, is if a 3rd party knock-off came out with their own version of the Ding Dong as these are what they brought to the table. Nice try, but not the same.

You've been warned.

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