The snowball effect is when something starts out small, for instance, a lie, but eventually grows more and more until you can't stop it. All of which could've been prevented if you hadn't started the lie in the first place. My Hostess Snoball Effect is nothing like that. It's more about thinking you like something when you really don't, but forgetting you don't until you try it again, reminding yourself of why you didn't like it in the first place.

Let me explain.

Hostess Snoballs are coconut and marshmallow covered chocolate cake with creamy filling. I love everything about that last sentence. I love chocolate cake. I love coconut. Marshmallow and creamy fillings are always welcome to the party. What's not to love about that? The only problem is I bite into one and, for some reason, that particular combination isn't easy on my pallet. I don't know if it's too many textures or too many different flavor combinations from the rich cake to the velvety marshmallow to the nuttiness of the coconut, I'm not exactly sure, but whatever it is, it's not for me. Not that it's completely disgusting, but I would've have rather have grabbed something else.

I do this just about once a year. I give it another try. I see them on the shelf and think to myself, "why did I not like those again? I love all of those ingredients." Only to buy them, sink my teeth into one and think, "oh yeah, because of everything that went through my mind the last time this happened."

I'm sure you have similar stories about maybe drinking too much, swearing off alcohol and, then, the following weekend, doing the same thing as the reason you swore off alcohol the previous weekend.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Since Hostess products are back on the market they've recently re-introduced the Hostess Snoballs. They look slightly smaller and more rounded all together. Not as dome-shaped as they used to be as if they used the same cake cutter for Ding-Dongs, then topped that with their classic marshmallow and coconut layer. How do they compare? Are they what I remember?

Yeah, pretty much. Again, it's not that their bad, it's just there are too many things going on. I don't have an answer on how to make them better. After all, they've been on the market for years so people are, apparently, buying them. I'll continue my support by buying their other snack cakes. Snoballs, though, I'll pass - until probably next year when I forgot I wrote this article.

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