Since the news of Hostess going bankrupt is shattering snack fiends around the country, it brought up this thought. Hostess is going bankrupt, but the products probably won't go anywhere since the brands are so strong. More than likely, they'll auction them off to another company. But who will step up to buy them?

Well, Disney just bought the Star Wars brand, why not Hostess? It may be fun to see Darth Ding Dongs shaped like the famous helmet or Luke Skyzingers that may have a blue milky filling, I'm not sure. If any company has money, Disney may be first to step up.

Another company I thought of is Marvel. Yes, the comic book company. Now they're making tons of money with movies and they're a constant sponsor of Hostess, putting the Marvel heroes like Captain America and Hulk on their boxes. I'd bite into a Spider-Man cream pie full of web fluid (gross!) or an Iron Man cup cake.

So, what I'm saying is Hostess is going bankrupt, but it's no call to stockpile your Hostess collection because I seriously doubt their snack cakes are going anywhere.

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