Any day now. The words of Yakima County Prosecutor Joe Brusic after being asked about when he expects reports from the Yakima County Sheriff's Office to arrive at his office in the fatal hit and run case of 66-year-old Wendy Baker.
Baker was killed after being struck by a hit and run driver as she was riding a bicycle on Summitview Avenue June 12. Since the crash investigators have released little information about the ongoing investigation.

Was the owner of the truck the driver on the day of the crash?

The owner of the vehicle has been identified and his truck has been in the sheriff's evidence facility since shortly after the crash. Prosecutor Joe Brusic will make a decision soon on whether or not the case is strong enough to announce an arrest.
So what's the delay? If authorities know the owner of the suspect truck why hasn't there been an arrest? Brusic says it's because no witness actually saw the driver behind the wheel.

Prosecutors know they have a tough case ahead of them

Brusic says prosecutors must prove the owner of the suspect truck was the actual driver on the day of the crash.
A witness did follow the suspect vehicle and was able to get a license plate but wasn't able to identify the driver.
Detectives say they're searching for electronic evidence in a cell phone and truck involved in the crash.
Will the evidence be strong enough for Yakima County Prosecutor Joe Brusic to advise police to make an arrest or could the case be dismissed because of a lack of evidence?
Both are possible as the investigation continues this week.

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