Do you cook with a gas stove?
If you answered yes don't worry gas stoves are not being banned in the United States. So what's going on? Why all the talk about gas stoves and the talk of banning the devices? All the talk started when an official from the Consumer Product Safety Commission in an interview suggested that banning the stoves may be a good idea because of some of the health concerns caused by using gas. In Yakima and throughout the state officials estimate 39% of households use gas stoves.

The controversy started in a recent interview

Earlier this week Commissioner Richard L. Trumka Jr., a Democrat, says he hadn't ruled out a ban on the appliances, prompting the agency to clarify saying the agency isn't planning a ban any time in the future.
Despite the controversy research shows a link between gas stove use and a higher risk of asthma and other respiratory problems. Trumka says the agency does plan to look at ways to cut the use of gas stoves for health reasons but they won't be calling for a full ban on the use and sale of the stoves.

Looking for a new stove? You could get a rebate

If you're in the market for a new stove the you need to know the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act contains rebates for up to $840 for those who purchase an electric stove or oven.
Scientists urge people to transition away from fossil fuels which includes getting more people to purchase electric and induction cooktops.
But it'll be tough for a lot of chefs and home cooks who prefer to cook with gas.
How do you feel about the controversy? Would you support a ban on gas stoves? Are you concerned about the health dangers of cooking with gas?
Which do you prefer gas or electric?

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