If I woke-up tomorrow and was told, "You can't leave your house for the next two weeks," I think I could make it happen ... well, I would have to make it happen.

Currently I have enough toilet paper, never really thought about how fast or slow I go through it, that is now a thing, but also not overstocking has become really important at this point, too. Could I make it two weeks on my current supply? We will have to wait and see because now I am curious.

I bought four cans of tuna the last time I was out, but normally I eat a whole can at a time. Is that a lot?

There is cereal, but along with people overstocking on toiler paper I have noticed the milk supply is touch and go. Currently I've got a few half-gallons instead of the normal two-gallon jug and a few boxes of cereal. Anyone else have a person in the house who finishes the cereal but leaves the boxes in the cupboard? I honestly don't know how much cereal I have -- all the boxes could be empty.

There's lunch meat, toppings and bread ... I feel like I want to start learning how to make my own bread.

Eggs and some frozen potatoes. I might have bought other potatoes but they were gone the last time I was at the store. Taquitos and sour cream with tapatio, cheese sticks, french fries and vanilla bean ice cream.

I have an odd amount of fresh strawberries, but I am on a whip cream making kick so that's all kinds of exciting. Currently I've been craving veggies so i splurged but was surprised to find only chicken thighs. The store was out of breasts and that is just what it is for now.

Late-night binges of the good snacks could lead to a depleted supply just days in,, so being mindful of what is currently around is helping to stop that.

What's the meal you find yourself eating the most?

I have a few favorites like chicken tikka masala with naan, pizza, eggs and toast, pesto chicken sandwhiches and soups. Some I enjoy store-bought for the freezer section and others I make from scratch. Becoming more aware of all of it.

Fully willing to recipe swap if you are into it ;)





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