I don't have a Christmas tree for three very good reasons. We don't have a lot of room in our duplex, my wife is allergic to pine and we have a four-year-old autistic boy who loves taking down and breaking all of the decorations. (trust us, we tried!) So, this year, for Christmas, my wife thought it was a good idea to make a felt tree that would hang on the wall and have felt ornaments that would be okay if taken down and moved around as nothing will break.

Simple and inexpensive enough, swing by any craft store or Walmart and buy enough felt. I bought 2 yards worth. Cut your triangle for the tree. You can always fold it in half and cut it diagonally so it unfolds evenly. I thumbtacked the three points of the triangle so it wouldn't move and keep things nice and flat up against the wall. You can also buy some felt squares (they're usually about 25 cents each) and decorate as needed. Since felt sticks to felt, any decorations you make will stick nicely. If they call, you can slap'em back up there or move stuff around.

This is probably what I'll be doing for Christmas every year now.

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